Memento zazzle_mousepad
Memento by NDGRags
Create your own customizable mouse pads online at Zazzle.
Skull Memento Mouse pad. Take a break, and smell the roses – or else.
This brilliant custom mousepad by NDGRags was designed for those who love roses, skulls, all things floral, or “Day of the Dead” imagery. Zazzle’s customizable mousepads are wonderful additions to the well dressed office cubicle, at home, or in the classroom. You will find NDGRags’ special mousepads not to mention a plethora of other stunning customizable items made by artists in the Zazzle community marketplace.

The perfect gift for anyone with unique tastes, this completely customizable mousepad will certainly look wonderful when printed with this designer’s vintage inspired artwork. Designed for printing in a limitless range of colors, Zazzle’s custom mousepads are durable. Once created, this Zazzle Seller’s marvelous vintage custom mousepad will definitely become a beloved piece in anyone’s workspace. Certainly unique, the “Memento” mousepad is representative of the wide variety of exceptional custom Zazzle products available to you.


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