Step right up, the circus is in town. That nasty clown? He just wants to be your friend that’s all. Your-Best-Friend.
Cali 70’s flashback shape with a pointed nose and tapered tail. Perfect for gyrating down the boardwalk and head dippin’ tube rides under the palm trees. The best quality hard-rock maple and an unrivaled patent-pending printing process make this deck among the best skateboards available in the world.
This one-of-a-kind “circus” skateboard aka the “Scary Clown” is available in a variety of deck styles and sizes and is just a sample of the many crazy designs available for sale in the Zazzle community marketplace.
Manufactured using Zazzle’s state-of-the-art printing process, this friendly, friendly circus skateboard is sure to make an impression. This beautiful piece boasts a durable maple deck that will stand up to even the gnarliest of tricks. No matter where you take this deck, your nasty clown will look sweet. He just may become your new best friend. Your-Very-Best-Friend. Govern yourself accordingly.

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